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Aims and Scope

Aims & Scope

The Korean Journal of Breeding Science (Korean. J. Breed. Sci., KJBS), the official journal of the Korean Society of Breeding Science (KSBS), founded in 1969, is a peer-reviewed international research journal published quarterly for the purpose of advancing scientific research. The journal aims to advance and disseminate scientific and technical knowledge concerning breeding science. Four issues of the yearly volume will be published on March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1 in English or Korean, following an open access policy. The KJBS is indexed in the Korea Citation Index (KCI), DOI/Crossref, and Google Scholar.

The scope of the journal covers the following topics: crop breeding and genetics, cultivar development, crop physiology and metabolism, breeding technology, quality, genomics, molecular genetics, biotechnology, plant genetics resources, functionally enhanced plants, and other topics within the scope of plant breeding science.

Copyright ⓒ 2017 by the Korean Society of Breeding Science

All copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to the content of the journal are licensed to KSBS. Once a manuscript is accepted, the KSBS copyright is asserted and applied to an open access policy. Articles may be reproduced and distributed only for non-commercial purposes, as detailed in the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license: http:// creativecommons.org/licenses/ by-nc/3.0. In other words, through the Creative Commons license, KSBS allows others to reproduce and distribute the works it publishes, as long as the work is properly attributed to the authors and the content is not plagiarized, misrepresented, or used for commercial purposes. Duplicate publications should not be represented as original publications; rather, KJBS should be cited as the original site of publication. Apart from misuse, anyone is free to read, download, copy, share, store, print, search, link, and crawl the full text of the works.


KSBS will send a free copy of the Korean Journal of Breeding Science to KSBS members, and certain key individuals in the field by invitation. For non-member individual subscribers, the annual subscription fee for the print version of the Korean Journal of Breeding Science is 60,000 Korean Won, or 60 U.S. dollars. To subscribe to the Korean Journal of Breeding Science, please contact the editorial office for detailed information.

Electronic Edition

The free full text in PDF format is available at www.koreabreedjournal.org, or www.breeding.or.kr.
No registration or subscription is required for access to the electronic edition of the Korean Journal of Breeding Science.

Editorial and Review Policy

All research and review papers are reviewed by at least two reviewers and accepted by the Editorial Board. Instructions to Authors, Authors checklist, and Copyright transfer statement are available on the website http://www.koreabreedjournal.org

Support Funding Sources

This work was supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies(KOFST) grant funded by the Korean government.

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Korean Society of Breeding Science
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